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This paper draws on lessons learned so far in Scotland to inform the debate surrounding supervised community treatment in England and Wales.

This United Nations paper concludes that substance abuse treatments can and should be expected to improve the public health and social problems of patients and that there are methods of organizing the structure and delivery of care to achieve those outcomes.

This report systematically reviews the international empirical literature on existing Community Treatment Orders.

This report from Australia reviews the evidence on mental health promotion from determinants of health approaches and highlights strategies for policy and practice that will strengthen mental health among various populations.

This document from the Australian Institute of Criminology examines the effect of mental disorders among criminal offenders on treatment in the health and correctional systems.

The Canadian Mental Health Association examines this vital issue, relying on published research and reports, as well as interviews with individuals who work for or with police departments, including mental health professionals.

A WHO report offering an overview of international evidence-based programs and policies for preventing mental and behavioral disorders.

This report from the World Health Organization examines commonalities and variations in mental health promotion and interventions across cultures.

This systematic review from England summarizes the research literature on the effectiveness of interventions aimed at reducing criminal behavior among drug users.

Commissioned by the UK Home Office, this review updates the evidence base on treatments for severe personality disorders, particularly for individuals housed in maximum security facilities.

A report from the Prison Reform Trust, Too Little Too Late: An Independent Review of Unmet Mental Health Need in Prison reveals that many people who should have been diverted into mental health or social care from police stations or courts are entering prisons, which are ill-equipped to meet their needs, and then being discharged back into the community without any support.