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Identifies national best practices to assist the state of Pennsylvania to validate and expand upon current initiatives to transform the current mental health and substance abuse alcohol system.

This 2007 investigation by the State Of California revealed that more than $1 billion spent since 1989 for inmate substance abuse treatment was largely ineffective.

A descriptive study of services to inmates with mental illness and substance abuse problems based on input from sheriffs, correctional medical personnel, and others from all counties in Tennessee.

This handbook from NAMI - New York State is designed for anyone concerned about a person with mental illness who is involved in the criminal justice system.

The 1999 Washington State Legislature passed legislation to improve the process of identifying and providing additional mental health treatment for mentally ill offenders released from prison who pose a threat to public safety, and agree to participate in the program.

This paper from the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice argues that the most sensible way to respond to the needs of offenders with mental illness is to treat their needs as an investment, and to evaluate alternative responses to their needs in terms of the health and justice outcomes they produce.

This report looks at the impact of SSB-5533 legislation, which allows local prosecutors and law enforcement officials to divert from the criminal justice system individuals who have committed non-serious and non-felony crimes if they are know to suffer from a mental disorder. It's based on a telephone survey of all counties and 14 cities in Washington State, along with support documents provided by key informants from police departments, mental health agencies, and court systems.

At the request of the Public Safety Performance Project of the Pew Center on the States, the JFA Institute worked with the Mississippi Department of Corrections to analyze recent developments in the state and produce Reforming Mississippi’s Prison System, a memorandum documenting the reforms and their impact on the state’s prison population.